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Marketing fails: Matthias Bohlen
December 12, 2022
Matthias Bohlen shares the power of stories and customer journeys and how they inspired him to start his own bootstrapped venture.
In this short bonus series, we talk to marketers, experts and founders about marketing lessons they have learned from what has not quite worked out for them in their journey.

Get back to your customer persona, as they are the hero of the story you want to tell.

Then look at the story you want to tell. In this adventure, the hero faces a problem, and they find a solution in your product. Outline the benefits the customer got from using your product and the emotions they had before and after the transformation.

Tackle marketing from the basic principles until you reach the state where you have a complete story to tell your audience, and the rest will follow.

About Matthias:
Startup founder, bootstrapping 2 Quiet 2 Market. Helps people who dislike marketing but they feel they "have to" do it to be successful!

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Website: click here

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