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Marketing news #9 - Twitter users flock to BlueSky, LinkedIn Algo Secrets & More
May 5, 2023
This week we cover Twitter users flock to BlueSky, LinkedIn Algorithm Secrets, the demise of BeReal and more with Becca Holloway.
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We have Twitter users fleeing the Musk regime to join Dorsey-backed Bluesky. Because when you're tired of tweeting about electric cars, you might as well try tweeting about something else.

Moving on to LinkedIn, the platform is sharing insights into how its feed algorithm works. Because nothing says "fun" like a deep dive into spam tackling efforts, am I right?

And speaking of LinkedIn, business journalists love the platform, and LinkedIn loves them right back. It's like a match made in career heaven.

Last but not least, we have BeReal, which is adding new elements to keep its users interested. Because when it comes to social media, why settle for being real when you can be unreal?

About Becca Holloway

Becca Holloway is an award-winning social media consultant with 8+ years of experience in paid social specialising in TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn strategies. In her spare time, she runs a social media x tube related newsletter called The Social Line.


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