Alt Marketing School
#138 - Expert Q&A: How to leverage AI in marketing
March 6, 2023
Marketers can view AI as a companion rather than a threat by understanding how it works and how to use it in the marketing process.
Our guest today is a marketing specialist with a knack for experimenting with new trends. Tony will be talking to us about the latest trends in AI and how it is impacting marketing strategies around the world.

AI can provide actionable insights that no human being would be able to gather or make sense of, such as customer demographics, purchase histories and preferences.

By leveraging this, marketers can adjust their strategies to better target customers and create more effective campaigns.

One big misconception about the role of AI in marketing is that it will completely automate the marketing process. While AI can provide powerful analytics and insights to inform decisions, it cannot replace human creativity and communication skills when it comes to connecting with customers.

As technology progresses, marketers should use a combination of human expertise and machine intelligence to gain an advantage over competitors. Only then will they be able to maximise the potential offered by AI in marketing efforts.

We discuss the best practices when incorporating AI in your content marketing process. Do you think the hype is ever going to fade? Tune in to find out all there is to know about AI and marketing!

About Tony:
Tony Lewis is a highly experienced web developer with a focus on no-code technologies. He has been building websites and web applications for 8 years, honing his skills and staying up to date on the latest tools and trends in the field. In addition to his technical expertise, Tony has lived and worked in both the U.S. and Europe, giving him a unique perspective on the global web development community.


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