Alt Marketing School
#147 - 4 ways to make your marketing better
May 8, 2023
Welcome back to the Alt Marketing School podcast! Today, we're taking a look back at the season that just ended and sharing four of our favorite snippets featuring some incredible guests.
First up, we have entrepreneur and creator scientist Jay Clouse, who shared with us a lesson that we can all learn from: how negative interactions can actually become your biggest advocates. Next, we'll hear from Ella Orr, who teaches us how to take our personal brand to new heights by nurturing our audience.

Then, we have Christine Gritmon, who gives us insight into what it really means to connect with our audience, and why marketers need to learn how to market themselves.

And finally, we'll hear from Jeremy Enns, who shares his thoughts on what good marketing really looks like, and how to create affinity through your marketing.

EP 133 - Entrepreneurship lessons from the creator scientist Jay Clouse:

EP 135 - Taking your personal brand to new heights with Ella Orr:

EP 139 - Christine Gritmon on why marketers need to learn how to market themselves :

EP 141 - Jeremy Enns on creating affinity through your marketing:

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