Alt Marketing School
#139 - Christine Gritmon on why marketers need to learn how to market themselves
March 13, 2023
Whether you're a marketer, an intern or CEO of the world's biggest company, personal branding is here to make everyone look and sound like an awesome superstar.
"Marketers, market thyselves", said Christine Gritmon. Christine argues that anyone can benefit from having their own personal brand - after all, who doesn't want to show the world how awesome they are?

Whether you're a CEO or an intern, cultivating your unique message is key and it's easier than ever!

In this episode, learn how to make your professional presence stand out even if you don't have a personal business. We'll discuss why it's important for everyone - and why you need to develop thought leadership even as an employee.

We even mention the P word - we are talking about PIVOT, what were you thinking? Christine and Fab talk about staying ahead of the curve in marketing. Learn how to anticipate customer needs and stay one step ahead by asking all the right questions.

Keep an open mind when it comes to changes – who knows what great things you could achieve if you're flexible enough to evolve with each challenge.

About Christine:
Christine Gritmon empowers professionals to step into their personal brands in a bigger, bolder way on social media. You CAN do it—she’ll teach you how! She’s spoken on stages worldwide and is a frequent expert guest on podcasts, live streams, Twitter chats, and blog posts, as well as hosting her own weekly podcast, Let’s Talk About Brand, and its companion Twitter chat, #ChatAboutBrand.


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