Alt Marketing School
#141 - Jeremy Enns on creating affinity through your marketing
March 27, 2023
What do Notion, Seinfield and Buffy the Vampire Slayer have in common? You may have to listen to today's podcast episode to find out!
Today, we have Jeremy Enns with us to discuss how serving ourselves can help serve others and following curiosity can bring soul back to marketing.

We’ll look at how people can use podcasting and marketing to find themselves in the content they create, why everything you do becomes part of creating content and providing value

Jeremy drops some truth bombs, like how most of what we think is marketing is bad marketing, why best marketing doesn’t feel like it’s even marketing, and why sometimes quitting something is the best way to grow.

We'll also explore the power of storytelling and building affinity that resonates with others — emotions in marketing.

About Jeremy:
Jeremy Enns is the founder of Podcast Marketing Academy where he teaches brands and creators hit their next growth milestones with detailed step-by-step marketing playbooks.
He also writes the Scrappy Podcasting Newsletter where he shares short actionable ideas around how underdog shows can punch above their weight.
He’s originally from the cold, barren Canadian Prairies but has been traveling full-time for the past 6 years.

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