Alt Marketing School
#140 - ​​So, is Instagram back to being a photo app?
March 20, 2023
We are talking listeners questions as we dig deep into the content stratosphere and discuss the latest social changes you can keep up with.
You got Qs, Fab and Jess Bruno have As. Get ready to tackle the tough topics and take on the changing landscape of content marketing.

In this episode, we explore how content pillars still fit in our strategy, the best ways to drive engagement with new customers and how to adapt your approach now that Insta is back as a photo-based platform. It's time to level up your marketing strategy (or is it?)

Are you exhausted? Because we really are struggling to keep up.

We look at gamification, gifts and ways to make your customers and clients feel seen, our definitions of content pillars and beyond!

About Jess:
Jess Bruno is a social media content strategist who supports service-based providers. She creates engaging, purpose-led content that leads to significant conversion results. Her nurturing ‘done with you’ coaching programs cover social media mindset and create a bespoke strategy, using her 10 years of digital marketing experience.

Instagram: @jessica.sophia.bruno

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