Alt Marketing School
#135 - Taking your personal brand to new heights with Ella Orr
February 13, 2023
Welcome to the latest episode of our podcast! In this week's episode, we're exploring the deeper connection between marketing, teaching and personal branding.
We'll be talking about how they all intertwine and their potential synergies - and maybe even throw in some eighties music references for good measure!

The fantastic and bubbly Ella Orr, a good friend of Alt Marketing School, shares her love of LinkedIn, social media and much more. So join us as we unravel the mysteries of understanding your audience, creating a strong personal brand, and more.

About Ella:
Ella Orr is a personal branding and social media specialist and the owner of Much More Social, which she started in 2018. Before retraining in social media marketing, she was a teacher for many years.

Ella runs individual and group training as well as consultancy on personal branding, social media strategy and content creation. She delivers masterclasses to memberships and has been a guest on podcasts and live stream interviews.

LinkedIn is her go-to platform but she is active in many of the main social media spaces including Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.


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