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Marketing fails: Alexander Boswell
December 19, 2022
Content writer Alex Boswell goes deeper into the power of search intent, calls to action and the foundations of a great presence online.
In this short bonus series, we talk to marketers, experts and founders about marketing lessons they have learned from what has not quite worked out for them in their journey.

First, get back to SEO basics and start matching search intent when creating content. And for people to find your content online, you need to think about what they're searching for.

Alex also reminds us that each one of your posts needs to direct the reader into taking action. As the world of content constantly changes, keep learning by finding experienced people within your industry and following the community.

About Alex:
I'm a freelance content writer and researcher for MarTech and eCommerce brands, as well as a business PhD candidate. In my free time I like to nerd out in Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic the Gathering.

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