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Hook, Line, and Sinker: Secrets of Crafting Engaging Content That Leaves a Lasting Impression
September 4, 2023
Learn how to tap into persuasive writing skills with the ever-awesome Amanda Amanda Natividad
In today's episode of our podcast, we dive into the concept of "hook, line, and sinker" for creating compelling content. Our guest, Amanda Natividad, shares some valuable insights that are sure to upgrade your content writing game.

Learn how to hook your audience with a captivating promise. Discover the art of providing meaty, engaging content that delivers value.  Uncover the secrets to leaving a lasting impression or inspiring action.


Amanda Natividad is VP of Marketing for audience research startup, SparkToro. She’s also a contributor for Adweek, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, and a former journalist. Amanda previously led marketing for Growth Machine, led marketing for Liftopia, built Fitbit’s B2B content program, and led content and communications for NatureBox. 

In her spare time, she teaches a course called Content Marketing 201 and she's a frequent guest speaker, having spoken at AdWorld and MozCon, and lectured at Columbia Business School and Cornell University.

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