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#132 - Why you should host an open day
January 23, 2023
Online events can be a great marketing tool - but what about using open days and summits as a marketing hack for your business?
If you’re looking for ways to get noticed and increase brand awareness, then don’t miss this episode – because it contains some great tips on how to make open days and summits work for you!

We’ll also be talking about why these methods are so effective in engaging with potential customers, plus sharing stories of how we have successfully implemented these techniques at Alt Marketing School.

Although online reviews are often seen as a great way to get an idea of how customers view a particular product or service, there can be some hidden gems within them which can be incredibly insightful for businesses. Together we look at some of the top 2023 stats for online reviews and what jumps out.

Marketing fails are also back, with a great lesson from Rison, founder of OnlyPod and host of the upcoming podcast called Build Your Podcast Audience on how t identify the decision makers within your market and how to define benefits for them.

We looked into the top 3 focuses for Instagram in 2023 and how this could be a great opportunity for businesses to grow their presence on this highly popular platform. Additionally, we discussed the evolution of the Twitter "soap opera" - yes, we are looking at you Elon.

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Marketing fails segment:

Rison is the founder of OnlyPod and host of the upcoming podcast called Build Your Podcast Audience.

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