Alt Marketing School
#129 - Marketing reflections for the end of the year
December 5, 2022
It's been a long year for marketers - and Fab and Steph definitely agree on that one. We've seen a lot of changes and had to adapt on the fly. But as we look back on the year, there are some lessons we can learn from.
Our latest podcast episode reflected on some of the biggest marketing lessons from 2022. We also re-introduce Steph to the podcast - and indulge in some festive singing.

One of the big takeaways is that marketers need to be flexible and ready to change direction at a moment's notice. The days of set-in-stone marketing plans are over.

Another lesson is that marketers need to let go of their egos. We can't be attached to our ideas and campaigns. If something isn't working, we must be willing to let it go.

Fab also introduces a brand new segment for 2023, and a special thank you to all of our listeners so far - we see you.

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