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Roundup 22 - TikTok's Shopping Spree & Threads Identity Crisis
August 11, 2023
Join Fab Giovanetti and co-host Jess Bruno for this week's roundup as they dive deep into the world of contemporary marketing.
We are back baby, and we unpack the buzz around TikTok’s brand new shopping feature, offer insights on adapting your Instagram strategies to the latest trends, and discuss TikTok's intriguing new text updates.

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About Jess Bruno

Jess Bruno is a social media content strategist who supports service-based providers. She creates engaging, purpose-led content that leads to significant conversion results. Her nurturing ‘done with you’ coaching programs cover social media mindset and create a bespoke strategy, using her 10 years of digital marketing experience.

Instagram: @jessica.sophia.bruno
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