Alt Marketing School
#127 - Reclaiming stories with Mercy Abel
November 21, 2022
Mercy shares the power of facilitating storytelling to encourage inclusive cultures, better insights, and impactful marketing and campaigns.
Mercy Abel is passionate about highlighting positive intersectional representation in media. Moreover, she loves facilitating conversations that provide a knowledge exchange between companies and leaders.

Together with Fab, they go on an energy-driven journey exploring transferrable skills, storytelling, and how conversations help us connect.

For example, they discuss creating a safe space to share honest stories and what happens when we make people feel seen. Storytelling can make people feel.

In this episode full of gems of wisdom, you'll learn why kindness can help us build lasting connections and the power of stepping back from external validation.

About Mercy:
Mercy has worked with organisations to support more inclusive cultures, better insights, or more inclusive marketing & campaigns and was shortlisted for the IPA iList 2022. Mercy is passionate about highlighting positive intersectional representation in media through founded platforms Into A Black Mind and Strong Black Woman as well as facilitating conversations that provides a knowledge exchange between gen z and today's leaders on her podcast, audacity of we.

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