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Marketing fails: Michelle Marcelline
December 26, 2022
Michelle Marcelline shares challenges and breakthroughs from validating her ideas and products.
In this short bonus series, we talk to marketers, experts and founders about marketing lessons they have learned from what has not quite worked out for them in their journey.

Michelle shares more about the power of validating your ideas. Your project or ideas should be a problem that you or your community face, and validate the problem with your potential customers before actually spending months building a product.

Even when they built the product, they kept in touch with the users and kept sharing minor updates.

About Michelle:
I'm Michelle, co-founder at Typedream. I was born and raised in Indonesia, moved to the US for college, met my co-founders in CS101, and we've been building projects together ever since. After graduating from college, we decided to drop our day jobs to pursue our startup full time.

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