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Roundup 17 - It's time we talk about the Threads app
July 7, 2023
Becca is back, so this week we discuss the challenges that new platforms face in attracting users and question the value of creating something new.
And yes, we’re talking about Threads (and share our thoughts right before it’s launched!) and share some predictions - how many did we get right, you may wonder?

YouTube is stepping up its game to support creators with fancy new features like thumbnail A/B testing. Becca believes this move towards transparency is a positive step for the creator-platform relationship. And guess what? LinkedIn is following suit! Similar tools are being implemented, and personal branding is the name of the game.

We dive deep into the wild world of video content and explore the impact of AI on social media platforms. It's a wild ride, my friends.

About our guest teacher Monica
Monica is a marketing coach who helps new entrepreneurs create the perfect marketing messaging to attract their dream clients and sell out their offers!
Instagram: @launchwithmonica

About Becca Holloway

Becca Holloway is an award-winning social media consultant with 8+ years of experience in paid social specialising in TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn strategies. In her spare time, she runs a social media x tube related newsletter called The Social Line.


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