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#143 - Personality-led copywriting with Robyn LeRoy-Evans
April 10, 2023
Yes, we are back with the Buffy chats. We swear we did not plan it, but it definitely ties in with this week's conversations about stories and Robyn!
Two Buffy the Vampire Slayer walk into a bar…
If you want to hear the end of the joke, you have to listen to today’s episode.

We meet BTVS superfan and entrepreneur Robyn LeRoy-Evans. As a copywriter, Robyn’s job is to write in a way that communicates the value and benefits of whatever it is her client is selling.

Together we explore why you should read your copy out loud, why your intuition is your superpower. Plus, a reminder that you can run your business and life however you want.

You can write in a way that brings up feelings of fear or shame in your audience, which may work in the short term, but it’s not a sustainable strategy because they end up feeling like they’re constantly being emotionally manipulated into buying from you.

About Robyn:
Robyn LeRoy-Evans is a Buffy The Vampire Slayer Superfan and the Founder of ECHO+SCRIBE, where she writes Personality-Led Copy for Biz Owners & Brands That Give A Damn about the power and influence of their words.

Her approach to copywriting is centered on bringing the ‘true you’ to the forefront in fun, out-of-the-coffin ways while amplifying your message so you can make a bigger impact.

She believes copy shouldn’t guilt or shame anyone into buying - and that the best way to get noticed in the biz world is with words that scream “this is so me!”

Words that sell:

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