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#131 - How to "steal" content inspiration with Alex Llull
January 16, 2023
First interview of the year, baby! In this episode of the podcast, we chat with Alex Llull about how the best creators get inspired by others to create content that grows their audience and business.
So much to cover as we come back for the third year of the podcast, and Steph joins Fab once again taking effectively the reigns as co-host. After some good potato chat (no, for real) Fab has a chat with the fantastic Alex Llull from the Steal Club.

When it comes to inspiration versus competition, it's important to look at things in a different light. Instead of seeing competition as a threat, use it as motivation and inspiration to do better.

It's also important to be versatile and learn how to, well "steal" from others in order to create your own thing. This can be done by taking bits and pieces of what you like from other people or things and putting your own spin on it.

When looking at lessons from others, Alex has a very good one to share with us, and it's all about validating ideas. If you can create interest and excitement around something that doesn't even exist yet, people will be more likely to want to check it out when it does come out.

About Alex:
Alex is a content specialist, creator and writer based in Spain. He helps creators and entrepreneurs leverage social media content so that they can grow their brand, audience, or business.

Every week, he shares how the best creators use content to grow their audience and businesses. And how you can do the same by stealing their tactics and strategies.


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