Alt Marketing School
Here to teach you how to market to hearts, not brains and make marketing human again with headteacher @fabgiovanetti
#107 - Content best practices for B2B marketers with Tom Hunt
July 4, 2022 • 45 MIN
Tom Hunt is a B2B marketer with experience and very insightful opinions. He now starts and grows the world's most profitable podcasts for B2B businesses.
#106 - Instagram's new strategy and Clubhouse demise
June 27, 2022 • 44 MIN
If we could give Clubhouse’s founders one piece of advice, what would that be? We explore some of the top changes on TikTok, as well as Instagram’s latest feature updates.
#105 - Embracing imperfect and human content for SEO with Amanda Lutz
June 20, 2022 • 53 MIN
Amanda Lutz has one true love, and that is SEO. She teaches the masses how to make SEO better, one meme at a time on LinkedIn, and has acquired a loyal and engaged following. Who better than Amanda to answer our alumni and students’ most burning questions? As they discuss SEO best practices, Fab and Amanda profess our love for headers and bullet lists, the psychology of reading and writing for SEO, and bust a few myths along the way. How much of a big deal is SEO on social media? Are keywords that important? Spoiler alert, the answer is yes. Amanda believes that digital marketing should be as simple and fun as possible - something Fab agrees on.
#104 - How to turn any product into a painkiller
June 13, 2022 • 12 MIN
The “sell-painkillers-no-vitamins” phrase is an investor colloquialism for what motivates people to buy. Potential customers will delay purchasing “vitamins” to another day or allocate their spending to other things. They can’t and won’t delay purchases of things that get rid of an actual pain point. In this short class, headteacher Fab will share how a simple copywriting framework can help you better relate to your audience's needs.
#103 - The future of the creator economy with Justin Moore
June 6, 2022 • 56 MIN
What do romantic dates, brand sponsorships and YouTube have in common? More than you may think. Fab and Justin Moore had a deep conversation about the creator economy, its past, present and future. We explore B2B creators and how to leverage creators in any niche. Fab gets some juicy takeaways from the first ever Creator Economy Expo. Oh, and have some spicy opinions about the future of the industry. Justin brings a unique perspective because he has been a creator doing sponsorships for years in the trenches. Still, by running an agency, he has insider knowledge of how big brands choose which influencers to partner with and why they pass on others. Justin's mission is to enable creators big and small to land 1 million paid brand partnerships by 2032.
#102 - Why you should qualify new website visitors and leads
May 30, 2022 • 12 MIN
The truth is, not all questions were created equal. Hopefully, by implementing these two tactics, you can better meet your visitors and subscribers along in their buyer journey.
#101 - Are NFTs coming to Instagram?
May 23, 2022 • 36 MIN
We are back with monthly social media news with a brand new guest, the fantastic social media strategist Jess Bruno.
#100 - Lessons from 100 marketing conversations
May 16, 2022 • 37 MIN
Can you believe it? We passed the mark of 100 episodes *throws party poppers*. We ask our friend and Alt Marketing School alumni Steph Dominguez to interview Fab to discuss some of her favourite moments.
#099 - Making money work hard for you with Natalie Scott
May 9, 2022 • 38 MIN
It’s time to talk about money - with a few format tweaks. As we are on the dawn of a new era for Alt Marketing School, among some of our changes, we have a whole new set of questions for our guests - to keep them on their toes. Our guest Natalie Scott discusses the power of understanding authenticity and relatability regarding financial education. Is your money working hard for you? We look at making the most of structure and systems to make money work for you and creating automations like “fun funds”. For all the entrepreneurs out there, we look at investing money in your business when you work for yourself and normalising celebrations and milestones around pensions, contributions, and taxes. We also look at societal changes regarding being open to talking about money and judgement around discussing earnings with others. Should you be future-proofing your family? The short answer is yes - by helping them understand the importance of money, we can prepare our children for their future with intelligent choices.
#098 - How to re-engage with your email list
May 2, 2022 • 12 MIN
As many people are now encouraging you to grow your list, we share a straightforward tactic to re-engage with your email list.
#097 - Social media predictions for the rest of the year
April 25, 2022 • 24 MIN
It's the end of an era - in more than one way. We say goodbye (at least for now) to Becca ** as cohost of our weekly news as she steps down to focus on work priorities. We are so grateful for Becca's work and support and so excited for her to progress in her busy agency life! We will be reworking the podcast schedule, and we'll introduce a monthly roundup of news with an extraordinary special guest. To commemorate Becca, we put our prediction hats on and throw some trends and ideas around where some of our favourite social platforms will be heading in the next six months. Speculations include the new Instagram algorithm updates, the introduction of a Twitter edit option and much more.
#096 - Organise your digital life with Frances from the Notion Bar
April 21, 2022 • 48 MIN
Notion is a digital toolbox to design your dream digital tool, product or template. It’s one of Fab’s favourite tools, so you will not be surprised to hear she fan-girled here and there during the interview. Setting systems in your digital space is as essential as your offline life. In this episode, we’ll help you crush your goals by looking at setting up Notion dashboards and templates that are equal parts functional and beautiful. Frances from the Notion Bar will guide us through how to tailor Notion systems to them. We’ll explore the concept of a second brain and how to make it personal to you and find a way to create that safe space for you. We even draw similarities with the popular hit show “the Home Edit” when organising your physical and digital lives.
#095 - Elon Musk turns up the heat on Twitter
April 18, 2022 • 16 MIN
It's time to talk about the Twitter and Elon Musk soap opera. After becoming its biggest shareholder, Elon Musk has wasted no time making his Twitter feature priorities clear. The Tesla CEO has polled his 80 million followers about whether they'd like to be able to edit their tweets after posting them. Fab and Becca share their reservations about the edit button. On the one hand, users can clean up typos after publishing their tweets in an ideal world. On the other hand, the feature could be ripe for abuse, allowing users to change the meaning of tweets after being shared across the platform. The so-called "edit button" has been one of the most commonly requested social media platform features. After initially being invited late last week, Elon Musk decided not to join the Twitter board. Did he take Twitter's reaction to his suggested changes the wrong way? On a lighter note, we are pretty excited about new accessibility support for video on social. LinkedIn, now we are only waiting for you.
#94 - Everything you need to know about Pinterest's latest advertiser summit
April 11, 2022 • 20 MIN
In a special Monday treat, Fab has been diving deep into the latest Pinterest Summit so that she and Becca can spill all the beans about the latest Pinterest news. The platform has announced a range of new updates and additions as part of its second annual ‘Pinterest Presents’ global advertiser summit, including in-stream shopping enhancements, promoted Idea Pins, improvements to its Pinterest Trends tool, etc. Some of our highlights include the prominent addition of focus is ‘Your Shop,’ a new, personalised shopping page within the app. Talking about e-commerce, watch out for in-app checkouts and Pinterest API to sync your shopping catalogue with your website. Fab was particularly excited to see that now verified merchants can tag their brand values - and notice up to a 16% increase in sales. From inspiration to action, it’s about closing the loop. Finally, Pinterest is revamping its Trends tab, which provides insights into the popularity of any topic in the app.
#093 - You can tell better stories with Tucker Bryant & Jesse Warren
April 7, 2022 • 43 MIN
This interview is a double trouble (in every sense!) as we welcome Jesse and Tucker to the virtual podcast couch.
#92 - Why TikTok made marketers real mad this week
April 4, 2022 • 14 MIN
Let's say Becca is not impressed. TikTok is expanding the pilot of its Stories feature, which the platform previously confirmed was in testing last summer. Like an Instagram story, TikTok Stories last for 24 hours before they are automatically deleted, and they can be viewed by navigating to a user's profile and clicking their profile picture. Stories also seem to be appearing on the For You page. Didn't Twitter fleet and LinkedIn stories teach us anything, you all? Similar to stories, we look at another new feature's need (or effectiveness). TikTok has added another content creation option, with a new GIF 'Library' tool that enables users to select from popular animated content, which they can then integrate into their TikTok clips. What are Facebook and Instagram doing on TikTok? Scoping out the competition? Recruiting beta testers? Nope, they are here to share how to create short-form video content, it seems. Both Facebook and Instagram set up their own TikTok account. While Facebook's account is still empty, Instagram decided to post TikTok about creating better Reels. Are we the only ones seeing the irony in here?
#91 - Instagram expands on its Creator strategy - what does it mean for you?
March 28, 2022 • 39 MIN
The hats are back, baby! We look at Instagram’s direction and strategy and its push to video and raw content. Yes, we also compare Instagram’s future to Facebook’s ominous demise as people are becoming accustomed to platforms like TikTok, which celebrate a more raw, individualistic content style. The Insta aesthetic that once had us all hot and bothered is replaced by anti-aesthetic content. Coincidentally, Instagram’s looking to help creators understand posting best practices and processes via a new Creator Lab initiative, which hosts videos and insights from a range of successful creators on critical elements. Monetisation is a growing focus for Instagram, as it looks to combat the rise of TikTok. More to that point, Instagram will now allow all users to tag products in their IG posts, starting with users in the US. This update reflects its continued focus on expanding its eCommerce listings. Talking about contentious updates, Pinterest has launched the capacity to download your Idea Pins for sharing to other apps, complete with a Pinterest watermark. It could be worth experimenting with if you want to give your Pin presence a push. Finally, we go back to Clubhouse. The app is testing out a new way to encourage more direct social interaction on the app, with a new ‘Wave Bar’ at the top of your screen, and we have strong thoughts about it.
#90 - The indomitable rise of audio-only platforms and monetisation
March 21, 2022 • 29 MIN
We welcome Spring vibes way diving deep into the power of audio content (yes, very Meta). We look at why Spotify acquired analytics platforms Podsights and Chartable and what it means for podcasters.Similarly, Twitter is about to make a giant leap into podcast discovery, enabling podcasters to create direct links to their podcasts in the app. We evaluate the pros and cons of this move, as the platform simultaneously launches Twitter shopping (really?) and its new Creator dashboard. Is the platform losing sight of its purpose, or have we been wearing conspiracy hats for too long?We also look at Amp, Amazon’s long-rumoured Clubhouse competitor. Amp is more about listening to music than sitting around and chatting. The goal is to turn any user into a radio host, able to program a playlist, talk to listeners, and chat with call-in guests. We are intrigued.
#089 - How to make Twitter friends and build in public with Kevon Cheung
March 17, 2022 • 38 MIN
What does ‘building in public’ mean anyway? Share behind the scenes by reflecting on lessons from work in progress. Build trust by harnessing influence online (instead of chasing after followers). Decide what to share with the public early in the business journey. We look at how to build in public when things are tough and get confident when telling your own story. Building in public can also help you create products your audience loves. Fab and Kevon dig deep into dealing with being vulnerable online and accepting ourselves for who we are and even talk about Twitter as a great platform to encourage conversations and make Twitter friends.
#088 - The real reason TikTok is expanding its video length to 10 minutes
March 14, 2022 • 36 MIN
We are wearing so many hats and going down into some oh-so-fun social media conspiracy theories.
#087 - Instagram is putting all of its eggs in one basket (and what it means for you)
March 7, 2022 • 33 MIN
We discuss the rise of not-so-recommended ways to hack the Instagram algorithm. We are seeing users running photo-focused accounts have realised they’re likely to get more views of their posts by turning them into ultrashort videos because the app’s algorithm seems to be prioritising videos over still images. The experience is akin to looking at a static image to the user. But to the app, it seems to count as a video. Fab shares her recent experience with ads (and Becca echoes her frustrations) and why Reels are booming in the paid space. It may be due to the fact Meta’s taking its battle against TikTok to the next stage with the full launch of Reels on Facebook, using the platform’s massive scale to capitalise on the popularity of short-form video content. With Reels continuing to drive strong engagement on Instagram, the Meta-owned social app is looking to further lean into short-form video consumption while simplifying its broader video offering to help users and creators make the most of their content opportunities. It’s no surprise that Instagram has announced that it will soon shut down its separate IGTV app while it’s also removing its in-stream video ads option. We talk about accessibility and why it matters (and what we hope to see in the future across platforms as Instagram has now taken its captioning efforts to the next step, with the addition of auto-generated captions in Instagram feed videos. Finally, we have a few thoughts for Instagram Stories likes. The feature enables you to ‘like’ any Story in your feed - which makes us wonder: do we REALLY need this?
#086 - How purpose can fuel our performance with Vanessa
March 3, 2022 • 42 MIN
How can purpose fuel our performance? In this special interview with Vanessa Dietzel, you'll find purpose in the day-to-day. Maximize your potential at work while strengthening your well-being.We discuss performance curve habits, such as self-awareness and self-management. We also cover the importance of breath and our mind-body connection and why it's linked to working smarter, not harder.Vanessa unveils the truth about rewards when setting habits, especially professionally, and how to work with our brains to improve our performance.
#085 - How brands are successfully using social media in 2022
February 28, 2022 • 11 MIN
Social media has massively changed over the past two years, and you don't want to be left behind. Fab will talk about a few ways brands have transitioned in their social media strategy.The video revolution allows marketers to shift their strategy across different social media platforms. Building in public can help you connect with your audience by showcasing the behind-the-scenes.We explore ways to make our brand more human. Innovative businesses will understand that being transparent, authentic, and even vulnerable is part of your marketing strategy for this year and beyond.
#084 - Three ways positive impact marketing can enhance your strategy
February 21, 2022 • 13 MIN
Positive impact marketing is a framework that includes social and sustainable considerations into your overall strategy. It goes beyond promoting your brand as it is rooted in purpose, helping to deliver lasting social impact. In this solo episode, Fab uncovers three ways positive impact marketing can help your strategy, using our Alt Marketing School certification workshops as a guiding light to draw powerful takeaways.Brands are more than ever creating a conscious connection between their values, what they stand for and their products. Focus on information, engagement, and social issues driving engagement and future retention.
#083 - How to create content that builds trust on social media with Anna Brightman from Upcircle
February 17, 2022 • 29 MIN
You better brace yourself, team. Get your notepad at the ready, as it is going to be a good episode. Anna Brightman, the co-founder of Upcircle,takes us behind the brand's social media accounts (and so much more). We discuss UGC, embracing raw and unfiltered content, and lessons from embracing TikTok (and trending sounds). You'll learn about the benefits of creating native content for the platform and the crucial role of video in your strategy. We also discuss how you can use marketing to build trust and credibility, looking at user intent and how to get people to support you, not "buy" from you.
#082 - It's time we talk about Wordle
February 14, 2022 • 37 MIN
The feelings are running high on this one. Both Fab and Becca have a lot of strong opinions. Fab eventually got the hang of Wordle (and we cover a few creative ways brands jumped on the trend). We also discuss the problematic position social media managers often find themselves in.As we grab our prediction hats, we go straight into the new debate as Zuckerberg tells staff to focus on video due to keen competition from TikTok.As Facebook’s stock plunged, we started wondering: is Meta going to go all “meta”? Instagram is clearly showing it with a whole new set of features. From experimenting with stories highlights to Reels conversion option to longer Reels clips, Instagram, well, is turning into TikTok.Twitter, we got words for you too. The jury is out on the new longer articles feature and what it means for users.
#081 - NFT for dummies (and why social is going meta)
February 7, 2022 • 33 MIN
What are NFTs? Fab and Becca use wild analogies, including Pokemon cards and Monet paintings. We explore the good, the bad and the ugly about the sudden peak of interest and how social is jumping on the trend (plus, what it means for you). From Reddit to Meta, everyone is exploring crypto, aside from Linkedin. Well, at least for now.As every social media platform encourages you to turn your profile picture into an NFT, cute avatars and digital marketplaces could be a gateway to the metaverse. In other news, Pinterest is upping our home decor game, and we are here for it. Becca also shares clever ways to make the most of a new Pinterest feature.
#080 - Master optimal learning with JJ Ruescas
February 3, 2022 • 44 MIN
Sharing is an essential aspect of learning, and you can optimise the way you retain information, even as a marketer. How can you reframe failure to become a better learner? JJ is here to show us that we can change and challenge traditional learning (something at Alt Marketing School we can definitely get behind.
#079 - What does the future hold for creators on social media?
January 31, 2022 • 38 MIN
Are we too old to be cool? We feel personally attacked by judgement around the usage of GIFs (and yes, we’ll still keep sending them without reservations). In the meantime, TikTok is also testing new avatars and audio content. Why do you ask? We have the same question.The app is also facing creator fund backlash, which leads Fab and Becca to share their thoughts on the highs and lows of a career as a personal brand and a creator. On that note, we also speculate about how the new Instagram fan subscription may work within the broader scope of the platform.Finally, let’s give Twitter’s product team kudos for clever alliterations. We introduce you to Twitter Flocks and how this may change the strategy of some Twitter accounts.
#078 - TikTok, what the hell are you doing?
January 24, 2022 • 36 MIN
Instagram has gone to town with updates, and we can barely keep up. Fab and Becca have their work cut out for them. From reminder stickers, a new way for marketers to re-arrange their Instagram grid, Instagram has a few tricks up its sleeve. Be on the lookout for a new way to consume your stories too. Becca has strong thoughts about “TikTok doing a thing”, and we give you some fun ideas on how to make the most of Twitter spaces.
#077 - Why you need to get comfortable embracing the unknown with the Uncertainty Experts
January 20, 2022 • 52 MIN
The Uncertainty Experts is the first of its kind interactive documentary scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and increase creativity and our ability to embrace the uncertainty within ourselves and the world around us. In this episode, we talk about the connection of the surging trends of metaverse and our human behaviours, the intersection of marketing and mindset and dealing with uncertainty in our lives. Sam and Katherine share with us the inception of something completely new with Uncertainty Experts and what they learned from working on the project and bringing it to life.
#076 - All you need to know about Gen Z and social media in 2022
January 17, 2022 • 32 MIN
Well, looks like we have a very special episode for you. We are sharing a replay of a recorded session with our amazing Becca for our Alt Marketing Summit, which happened on January 13th. In this session, we discuss Gen Z trends from 4 social media platforms: Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram AND TikTok. It's going to be a goodie!
#075 - The haunting new social media feature we definitely did not need
January 10, 2022 • 30 MIN
The world of social media may have been in a slumber - but not Twitter. Oh no, Twitter is ready to rock 2022. All jokes aside, Fab and Becca discuss the power of rest, they share some predictions for 2022 as well as a haunting new feature Meta released before the holidays. Welcome back, ya all!
#074 - Getting out of your comfort zone with Kay Suppamas
January 6, 2022 • 28 MIN
From getting out of your comfort zone as a founder to asking uncomfortable questions to your audience, in this special episode with Leafage founder Kay Suppamas we spill the beans. We talk about the power of bringing together plants, people and potential and so much more in this first 2022 interview of the podcast.
#073 - The social media trends for brand survival in 2022
January 3, 2022 • 46 MIN
We go behind the scenes of the TalkWalker social media trends report and look at some of the most interesting findings from the team. Join Fab and Dan as they cover the rise of the metaverse, how customer led campaigns are shaping marketing and why TikTok is here to stay. These trends will help you focus your 2022 strategy, ready for the age of the ‘now’ consumer.
#072 - Is Instagram REALLY bringing chronological feeds back?
December 20, 2021 • 32 MIN
Twitter is testing a new full-screen display for explore. Looks familiar right? Down to the ‘For you’ and ‘Trending’ tabs. Ouch. Talking about TikTok inspiration, we look at Reel replies as a way to help Instagram boost engagement, while also leaning into the short-form video trend. After more than five years, Instagram plans to bring back “a version” of its chronological feed next year and we have strong thoughts around it. Oh, and we go and look at some of the best gift ideas from the TikTok website.
#071 - Spotify Wrapped became the most talked about campaign of 2021
December 13, 2021 • 40 MIN
Whilst Spotify is showing off our data, and reminding us how sad we have been in 2021, Instagram needs to stop "taking inspiration" from TikTok. 'Dancifying', really? It's been a hot minute since we reminded you why TikTok is cool. And guess what? We even have kind words for Clubhouse. Finally, we put our clairvoyant hats on and guess how platforms will harness monetisation in 2022 and beyond.
#070 - Introducing feedback loops and purpose-driven brands with Jena St
December 9, 2021 • 27 MIN
One of the hardest things to achieve as a founder? Giving people what they want - or even better, getting people to tell them what they want. Jena Bautmans seems to have cracked the code (and spills th beans with us on the podcast). After co-founding her first company selling leather goods, her path and search for purpose, led to the creation of Jenah St. her goal being to lead a company with values of peace, respect, and harmony. Together we explores the balance between purpose, values and business.
#069 - The one about the Twitter CEO
December 6, 2021 • 36 MIN
Spotify, not you as well. Are you "taking inspiration" from TikTok? We discuss the latest features, updates and focuses, jump into the big Twitter CEO news and so much more.
#068 - The Twitter and Jason Derulo collaboration we did not know we needed
November 29, 2021 • 33 MIN
In news that will surprise absolutely no one, Instagram has confirmed that it’s shutting down its standalone messaging app ‘Threads’. In the meantime, we discuss YouTube and Twitter live streaming - do we really need this, Twitter?
#067 - Transparency in marketing and business with Amy Moring
November 25, 2021 • 32 MIN
What does it take for a brand to make an impact? Amy Moring from Hunter & Gather has an idea about that. What makes the brand stand out is not only its 'digital first' approach but also its impressive focus on innovation and value-driven strategy. In this chat, we explore the power of work culture, scaling a business and working smarter - oh, and how fat coffees will change your life.
#066 - Are you ready to take a break on Instagram?
November 22, 2021 • 34 MIN
Becca gives us some great ideas on how to use new Instagram Reels features and the option to take a break on the app. It's been a while, Clubhouse, nice to see you again. We talk about their new room recordings, Facebook watches you can now add to your Christmas wish list, new Facebook ads changes.
#065 - Why Twitter and LinkedIn are going after your website
November 15, 2021 • 35 MIN
This week is a ripe one, the social media world. Not only Linkedin has launched its freelancer marketplace, but Twitter is rolling out its professional profiles - seeing both platforms contending to become THE place for professionals to hang about. In the meantime, well, Facebook is doing its best to keep up - and Becca even gives Mark an idea for a new feature.
#064 - Why social media live streaming is fuelling e-commerce trends
November 8, 2021 • 33 MIN
First and foremost, what is the deal with the 'Add Yours' Instagram sticker? Fab and Becca are still wrecking their brains about that, while recovering from the new Meta announcement (and lightly bragging about their predictions). We also cover why live streaming may turn out to be the future of social media selling.
#063 - Get focused in a virtual flexible working environment with Austin Nicholas
November 4, 2021 • 28 MIN
Are you ready to get focused? We are joined by Austin Nicholas and learn how to remove the remoteness from remote meetings and develop relationships in the same way as they might in the office.From discussing habits to streamline, reduce admin, and increase levels of engagement in your meetings, to finding rhythms that free up more time to spend on the things that really matter, today it's all about building powerful systems.
#062 - Goodbye Facebook, hello...Meta?
November 1, 2021 • 28 MIN
So Facebook is going meta - with a new name (allegedly the name will be, ahem, meta). We have mixed feelings about it (and a lot to say). Plus, we are seeing Twitter's focus on newsletters and we are truly here for it.
#061 - Instagram's two new features you should know about
October 25, 2021 • 27 MIN
In just less than a week, Instagram officially launched Collabs, opened desktop sharing to everyone and introduced a 'Live Scheduling' feature. Becca is a bit skeptical - what will stick? And yes, Fab brings her famous pasta analogy back for you to enjoy.
#060 - 10 social media trends for 2022 with TalkWalker
October 21, 2021 • 29 MIN
This episode is sponsored by TalkWalker and will dive deep into the new TalkWalker and Hubspot social media trends report. 70+ industry leaders reveal the social media trends you should look out for in 2022 - among them our very own Fab Giovanetti. Becca and Fab are so excited to see so many of their predictions coming to life!
#059 - Why Twitter knows it is its time to shine
October 18, 2021 • 25 MIN
Twitter has made Becca REALLY angry this past week (where did Nuzzel go?). Yet, we are starting to see more and more people flocking to the platform. Is this a sign? Also, you may have missed the fact that IGTV has just disappeared - Instagram went sneaky of us on that one.
#058 - Going against the tide with Joe Welstead & Harriet Osborne
October 14, 2021 • 35 MIN
In this episode of Alt Marketing School Fab has the pleasure to talk to the anti hustlers Joe & Harriet about everything storytelling, content and the future of connection. It's going to be an inspiring chat, full of truth bombs and a friendly reminder that kindness goes a long way.
#057 - From Instagram meltdowns to TikTok breakthroughs
October 11, 2021 • 21 MIN
We are not going to say we called, but we did call it. Instagram's meltdown over the past week has got us all thinking real hard about where we are heading, and not just that. Also the future of ads and communities. Plus, Becca spills the tea on some of the most exciting TikTok updates to watch out for.
#056 - Watch out - TikTok is coming for you
October 4, 2021 • 29 MIN
Instagram: is this the beginning of the end? Today on the podcast Fab puts her clarvoyant hat on and predicts the future of the app. Will she be right, or wrong? Only time will tell.
#055 - Why retention is the new acquisition with Shivraj Bassi
September 30, 2021 • 25 MIN
How can you make your brand stand out from the crowd? What's the secret ingredient to retaining loyal customers. Shivraj Bassi from Innermost spills the beans and shares the core lessons from his journey of scaling a brand.
#054 - How LinkedIn is nailing its audience, whilst Twitter keeps missing the mark
September 27, 2021 • 25 MIN
Are social media platforms desperately competing for their audience's attention?
#053 - The good, the bad and the ugly about the new Facebook glasses
September 20, 2021 • 31 MIN
Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing tidbits.
#052 - The importance of building resilience and marketing systems with Veronica Wood Querales
September 16, 2021 • 40 MIN
Meet Alt Markering School teacher Veronica - we talk about everything, from the power of using LinkedIn as a marketer all the way to lessons from circus life (yes, you read that right).
#051 - Fab & Becca share predictions for the rest of the year
September 6, 2021 • 15 MIN
In this special episode recorded before Fab went on holiday, her and Becca explore predictions for the rest of the year based on some of the top news so far. Get ready for the prediction hat to come out with some wild theories.
#050 - How to market like you give a damn with Stephan Stegeman
September 2, 2021 • 33 MIN
Fab had an absolute blast talking to CEO and co-founder of Shop Like you Give a Damn Stephan. Not only we cover the importance of purpose in your message, but we dig deep into how to communicate your values to your audience in a way that sticks. You are truly going to love this one.
#049 - Going full-time as a digital creator with Amardeep Parmar
August 26, 2021 • 35 MIN
We have a top creator with us in the room today, as top writer Amardeep Parmar discusses with Fab how to approach new platforms, testing out strategies as a creator and his own journey on Medium.
#048 - YikYak is back, but should we care?
August 23, 2021 • 27 MIN
Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing titbits.
#47 - Our take on TikTok stories
August 16, 2021 • 22 MIN
Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing titbits.
#046 - Unpopular marketing opinions with Hannah Flores
August 12, 2021 • 39 MIN
Meet another Alt Marketing School teacher, Hannah Flores. Her mission is to cut through the noise of some of the shady marketing tactics being taught online by sharing her authentic marketing method with as many wellness professionals as possible. We talk about unpopular opinions in marketing, falling in love with analytics and how to make peace with the algorithm.
#045 - Where did 24 million Pinterest users go?
August 2, 2021 • 21 MIN
Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing titbits.
#044 - It’s open day at Clubhouse, and you’re invited
July 26, 2021 • 25 MIN
Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing titbits.
#043 - How to use collaborations as a successful marketing tool with Chelsea Cox
July 22, 2021 • 33 MIN
This week we introduce you to yet another amazing teacher of Alt Marketing School. Business consultant and strategist Chelsea Cox will run you through how to build a 90-day plan as a marketer, setting powerful goals.
#042 - Why is Twitter retiring Fleets?
July 19, 2021 • 26 MIN
Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing titbits. Twitter is retiring Fleets, Clubhouse is adding group messages to the app, all the while TikTok keeps rising to the top of the charts. We've said it before, we'll say it again: the world of marketing never stops!
#041 - Why marketers need to learn how to fail with Ren Balogun
July 15, 2021 • 33 MIN
Say hello to one of our amazing Alt Marketing School teachers, the awesome strategist Ren. It was a pleasure to talk to her about leadership, setting expectations with clients, the role of purpose in marketing and so much more.
Bonus: Join our crowdfunding campaign, shape the future of marketing
July 14, 2021 • 4 MIN
It all started with an idea and a podcast. Alt Marketing School is a certification challenging students to look at marketing differently. Help us turn our idea into reality and join our crowdfunding campaign.
#040 - Apply for your next job on TikTok (and more TikTok news)
July 12, 2021 • 32 MIN
Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing tidbits.
#039 - Instagram releases its product roadmap
July 5, 2021 • 25 MIN
Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing titbits.
#038 - How to hype yourself and master DIY PR with Lucy Werner
July 1, 2021 • 37 MIN
In this chat , Fab catches up with old friend Lucy Werner to discuss how to hype yourself and master DIY PR as a founder, professional and even expert.
#037 - Why Instagram is pushing recommended content
June 28, 2021 • 29 MIN
Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing titbits.
#036 - Will Reels change the advertising landscape?
June 21, 2021 • 25 MIN
Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing titbits.
#035 - The intersection of frameworks and hacks when building your marketing strategy with Jess Audsley
June 17, 2021 • 33 MIN
Meet fellow Alt Marketing School teacher Jess Audley. We dive deep into the intersection of frameworks and hacks when building your strategy, as well as the role of social media in your marketing and much more. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Fab and Jess could have talked for hours, but sadly due to time constraints this is all we had time for.
#034 - Instagram unveils how its algorithm works
June 14, 2021 • 29 MIN
Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing titbits.
#033 - Do we really need Twitter's weather forecast?
June 7, 2021 • 36 MIN
Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing titbits.
#032 - How to find your own voice online with Alex Merry
June 3, 2021 • 39 MIN
In this episode of the podcast we explore the evolution of public speaking in an online setting. Growing your confidence in engaging with a crowd online can be tricky, and with the rise of audio marketing the power of your voice is more important than ever. Learn how to become the most irresistible person of any Zoom room with Alex Merry.
#031 - Marketing soundbites: Instagram new feature everyone is excited about
May 31, 2021 • 32 MIN
Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing titbits.
#030 - Marketing soundbites: is Facebook dead?
May 24, 2021 • 34 MIN
Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing titbits.
#029 - How to market your podcast in 2021 using the power of collaborations
May 20, 2021 • 20 MIN
Podcasts are awesome - but then, you could say we are biased - yet we know that in order to grow your podcast collaborations are key. Fab talks to Davine from Audry about developing the audience you need to reach your podcast goals. We discuss why it's important to make connections, and access the tools to take your podcast journey to the next level.
#028 - Marketing Soundbites: authenticity vs ego on social media
May 17, 2021 • 30 MIN
Join us this week, as Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing tidbits.
#027 - How to run a 90 Day Marketing Review and Audit
May 13, 2021 • 23 MIN
In a world where social media platforms, algorithms, and trends constantly change, small teams and solopreneurs can stay ahead of the game with this step-by-step marketing review and audit.
#026 - Marketing soundbites: Instagram Captions, Twitter Spaces
May 10, 2021 • 28 MIN
Join us this week, as Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing tidbits.
#025 - The future of influencer marketing with Gordon Glenister
May 6, 2021 • 26 MIN
In this episode of the podcast we discuss the evolution of influencer marketing and how it has changed throughout the pandemic. We explore how you can add influencer marketing to your strategy and measure your efforts going forward.
#024 - Marketing soundbites: TikTok lead generation ads, Snapchat and Instagram for creators
May 3, 2021 • 26 MIN
Join us this week, as Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing tidbits.
#023 - Preventing the growing pains of a social media team
April 29, 2021 • 32 MIN
We discuss how to scale social media efforts with a team. Learn about the areas that take up the most time for social media teams and what happens when teams grow. Is collaboration something that teams really need to focus on? Find out how teams can audit their current processes.
#022 - Marketing soundbites: Instagram stories links for all, Apple podcast subscriptions
April 26, 2021 • 33 MIN
Join us this week, as Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing tidbits.
#021 - How we used Instagram Quick Replies to increase our sales
April 23, 2021 • 8 MIN
In this short episode, Fab talks about a recent experiment in which she managed to double conversions in less than a week by using a not-so-familiar Instagram feature: quick replies.
#020 - Marketing soundbites: Zoom Fatigue, the future of Clubhouse
April 19, 2021 • 31 MIN
Join us this week, as Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing tidbits.
#019 - How to encourage diversity and inclusion in your marketing and business
April 16, 2021 • 29 MIN
In this episode, we have a close look at impact marketing, making a difference and making a positive change with Mindy Morgan Avitia. With strong values of authenticity, justice, and creativity she brings a breadth of community and social impact experience to her work. She’s passionate about authentic storytelling, listening deeply, and finding the truth.
#018 - Why you shouldn't use ROI to understand marketing value
April 9, 2021 • 32 MIN
Why are we so obsessed with marketing to show a quantifiable return on investment? What if marketing could be about improvement, and not worth? In this controversial chat, Fab and Bill Skowronski discuss why marketing should be more about being better, rather than striving to be the 'best'.
#017 - The most important Instagram metrics you should be tracking 📈
April 2, 2021 • 7 MIN
Instagram has been dabbling with the idea of hiding likes for quite a while now. Likes and followers are often considered vanity metrics.As a refresh, vanity metrics include any sort of catchy analytics that may be satisfying on paper, but cannot be attached to clear business goals. They may look good on a report, but no context for future marketing decisions, something actionable metrics can do. Basically, every good marketer’s nightmare. Why you may ask? Because every client you work with will obsess over them. Reframe your marketing tracking efforts by looking at other powerful metrics for your accounts.
#016 - Marketing news roundup: latest and greatest from social media
March 26, 2021 • 27 MIN
In this special episode of the podcast, you get a first-hand experience of Fab and Becca's Clubhouse events, happening every Friday at 8.30am, where they run through the hottest news in the marketing world.
#015 - How to build business momentum with Mark W. Schaefer
March 19, 2021 • 31 MIN
What is that difference that gives an idea, a person, or a business unstoppable momentum? In this episode, Fab talks to Mark W. Schaefer about his latest book, "Cumulative Advantage", and so much more. We are at this crossroad in marketing and bring in hope and purpose, and it's time we step up as marketers and be the change we want to see.
#014 - How to get started with Instagram Guides for Business 💬
March 12, 2021 • 9 MIN
In this solo episode, Fab provides us with some fun ideas of how to make the most of Instagram guides for your business to build brand awareness and encourage conversions. Guides may not be as hyped as other features, but they can be really fun.
#013 - Three creative ways to use Clubhouse for your brand 📣
March 5, 2021 • 9 MIN
In this solo episode, Fab talks (yet again) about everyone's favourite topic of 2021 - Clubhouse. She explores a few fun ways to make the most of the simplicity of proposition of the app for both personal brands and businesses. From curated events all the way to summits, the sky is the limit.
#012 - Marketing Tips from Copywriting Pros ✍
February 26, 2021 • 29 MIN
In this interview-style episode, Fab is blessed with not one guest, but two splendid humans, Alexander and Sarabeth Lewis. Get ready to be showered with excellent copywriting advice, a few fervent rants about headlines and everything in between. We may be biased, but it's a good one!
#011 - This is why people unsubscribe from your newsletter 💌
February 19, 2021 • 9 MIN
What is the first thing you check when you start working in the morning? Most likely, you go straight into your inbox. There are 3.9 billion daily email users. This number is expected to climb to 4.3 billion by 2023. Email lists and email list building is still queen, however, it’s easy to breach that trust with one single email, so today we share three common cases in which people will most likely unsubscribe from your newsletters.
#010 - 5 Social Media Trends to Watch out for From the 🦉 2021 Hootsuite Report
February 12, 2021 • 20 MIN
In this episode, Fab translates a 54-page report into fab-ulous plain English (as well as a sprinkle of sass), as she sets off to summarise Hootsuite's Digital Trends report for 2021.
#009 - Marketing your e-commerce business 🛒 with Omer Hazer
February 5, 2021 • 42 MIN
In this interview we talk online spending, selling and e-commerce. Expert Omer Hazer highlights some of the key steps to effectively market your e-commerce business, as well as fundamental practices to implement.
#008 - Why everyone is obsessed with Clubhouse 💬
January 29, 2021 • 11 MIN
Clubhouse App is an audio-only platform built and backed by tech investors. Since May 2020, this application has grown exponentially. Moving away from online video networking and Zoom filters, Clubhouse capitalises on audio content over any other format, opening a whole new way to deliver content and develop tough leadership.
#007 - How emails helped scaling a business 📈 with Dan Murray-Serter from Heights
January 22, 2021 • 43 MIN
We're back, and we are back with a bang In the first episode of 2021 (cue party poppers) Fab has a chat with Dan Murray-Serter, co-founder of Heights, to talk about how newsletters and emails have supported Heights in its growth (and secured a crowdfunding goal in record time!) - expect the unexpected, including the guest appearance of the fluffiest cat in the UK.
⚡️ Bonus Episode: Evergreen Sales Funnels Misconceptions with Jack Born
December 29, 2020 • 7 MIN
It may still be official holiday time, but it's time for you to access a very special bonus episode of Alt Marketing School (OMG say what!) Listen to this short snippet for the replay of my amazing talk with Jack Born founder of Deadline Funnels for our 2020 Creative Impact Conference on how to create urgency when going evergreen 🔥
#006 - The Future of Going Live Online with Amy Leighton 🎥
December 22, 2020 • 24 MIN
Let’s celebrate the end of 2020 with a live special replay. This episode is coming from a Live on Linkedin called “coffee break-through” I run with Amy Leighton.In this last episode of coffee break-throughs for 2020, I talk to Amy about our experience with going live in 2020 and our words for 2021. Oh, and we sing some good ol’ carols for you too (seriously, watch until the end, it’s worth it)
#005 - How to Up Your Video Strategy on Instagram 📈
December 15, 2020 • 12 MIN
.You have a whopping three seconds to catch your audience’s attention on video, and this is why it’s particularly important to get the basics right
#004 - Why Your Website is Becoming Smarter Than You 🤖
December 8, 2020 • 13 MIN
Remember, you can listen to this episode on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher and all of your favourite podcast apps.Since when websites have become so damn smart? Oh, and they are about to get even smarter in 2021 (just in case you did not know).
#003 - How to plan a last-minute holiday campaign
December 3, 2020 • 12 MIN
This festive season is going to be hella different for marketers, yet that is not necessarily a bad thing. People are being selective with how they choose to spend their money — and it’s something consumers are looking at more than ever in 2020.
#002 - How to Use Linkedin and Pinterest stories for your brand
December 1, 2020 • 12 MIN
Over the last month, in the space of ten days, both LinkedIn and Pinterest have released their own versions of “stories.” I know what you are thinking: Twitter’s “Fleets” have been leaving a very mild impression (almost a fleeting impression, some would say), and Facebook Stories are pretty much mindlessly reshaped Instagram stories on most pages. How will Pinterest and LinkedIn Stories be different? Let’s think about some fun ways we can jump on the trend before it even catches on.
#001 - 4 Social media trends you should look out for
November 26, 2020 • 12 MIN
The first episode of Alt Marketing School is out and live! In this first lesson, we take a deeper look at some of the upcoming social media and marketing trends for 2021 👀
#000 - Welcome to Alt Marketing School
November 22, 2020 • 3 MIN
It’s coming kids. After a lot of research, quite a good amount of grumbling and thinking I decided to give Alt Marketing school the medium it deserves to bring you the most engaging, fun, and inspiring marketing news, trends, and guides 🙌